Progesterone replacement therapy is a medically proven therapy that helps both adult and young woman compensate the abnormal production of progesterone in their body. Progesterone balances estrogen levels in the body. It protects against uterine and breast cancers, osteoporosis, fibrocystic disease, and ovarian cysts. It dramatically decreases menopausal symptoms and is one of the main sex hormones involved mainly in the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

At Russald Mexico clinic we use progesterone cream to treat and relieve low progesterone symptoms. Some of our other biodentical hormone replacement therapies at our Tijuana, Mexico clinic include, adult HGH therapyTestosterone Replacement Therapy TRT, and Estrogen Replacement Therapy ERT.

This will help patients improve libido, calm and reduce stress and anxiety, boost thyroid functions, and reduce the risk of some cancers.

Russald Medical Progesterone Replacement Therapy
Therapy in Mexico cost is $350* USD
Russald Medical Progesterone Replacement Therapy
Therapy in Mexico
cost is $350* USD

Who needs progesterone replacement therapy?
Progesterone is essential for many hormonal changes, it is also a crucial metabolic intermediate in the production of other endogenous steroids, and plays an important role in proper brain function. Adrenal glands are responsible for the production of progesterone, but is secreted in the ovaries, process lost with menopause. Progesterone is also very beneficial in treating premenstrual symptoms (PMS), such as mood swings, migraine headaches, cramps, and bloating. Progesterone replacement therapy is the best option in treatment to compensate the low production of this important hormone, our goal is to help our patients reach their overall wellness and optimize daily life performance.

Is low progesterone therapy right for me?
Symptoms of low progesterone production may include noticeable aging marks at younger age, hormonal imbalances, tiredness, irritability, depression, impatient attitudes, sadness, anxiety, mood swings, low sexual desire, heavy migraines, and constant fatigue.


Progesterone Replacement Therapy is used by young and adult woman looking to improve their hormonal levels and production of progesterone to better their day to day activities.

Some of the benefits include increased metabolism, reduce bone loss, restricts estrogen synthesis, lowers breast cancer risk, improved heart conditions, regulates menopause symptoms and normalizes menstrual cycles.

To receive Progesterone Replacement Therapy, patients need to undergo medical analysis to determine health conditions including the current levels of progesterone in the body to determine the correct dosage and procedure needed for their treatment.

At HGH Mexico Clinic, we use two natural ways to improve low progesterone production. Our main system and the one preferred by most of our patients is the Progesterone Cream, which is compounded according to the patients’ needs by one of our specialized pharmacies, and through progesterone pellets.

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This is a common misconception, contrary to enhancing mental illness, a correct dosage of progesterone levels help reduce the risk of depression, anxiety and insomnia. The brain needs accurate doses of progesterone to function properly, therefore progesterone will provide an increase in concentration, memory, and mental health.


This is a common concern, however adding low doses of estrogen into the treatment will eliminate the risk of developing breast cancer. Before starting the treatment, patients must perform previous tests to determine the best course of action for our patients.


Proper Physician recommended dosage will produce only positive effects on our patients. Progesterone replacement therapy is a medically proven treatment that produces optimal effects on young or adult woman who have no health problems and have been medically approved to receive treatment. Like most prescription medications, abuse in dosage or adverse health conditions that are not properly treated could produce negative side effects and is highly discouraged.


No, medical dosage is recommended after initial consultation. Patients that have been medically approved for progesterone replacement therapy and have proper health conditions will not have any type of negative side effects.


HGH Mexico uses approved bio-identical progesterone cream or pellets. They have been clinically approved in the Mexico, and are administered under proper dosage and physician criteria. However, the FDA does not approve this treatment.

Proper dosage and healthy condition which has been medically approved will eliminate any possibilities of receiving negative side effects which can include, bloating, headaches, fatigue, weight gain, and soreness.

The price of progesterone replacement therapy depends on the procedure recommended by the Physician. Pellet and cream prices vary according to the patient’s specific needs and compounding procedures. Exact prices can be found here.

To receive more information or to request a free consultation, please fill out our medical history form so that our medical staff can get in contact and provide further direction on how to receive medical analysis and all other requirements.

HGH Mexico Clinic, is a certified clinic that has been successfully treating patients with low progesterone deficiencies for over eight years. Our patient testimonial can be found here.

When purchasing progesterone replacement therapy medication, it is important to buy from certified partner clinics that require and provide proper medical evaluation to avoid falling victim to counterfeit medication sold in many pharmacies. HGH Mexico is a certified clinic that offers original progesterone replacement therapy. Please fill out our medical form so that our medical team can provide further direction.