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Russald Medical Levemir FlexTouch Pen
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What is a Levemir FlexTouch Pen?

A Levemir FlexTouch Pen contains 14.2 mg/mL of insulin detemir and it is used to control high blood sugar in children and adults who have been diagnose with diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2.

Insulin is a regulated substance in Mexico and patients need a doctor’s prescription to buy them. We recommend patients buy their insulin pen from clinic specialized in treating diabetes.

At Russald Medical, we offer the Insulin Injection Therapy for patients with a previous diagnose, we will need the diagnosis and/or prescription to make an evaluation and provide follow up on the case. If a patient wants a diagnosis, our medical team will request the necessary laboratory tests.

Levemir FlexTouch Pen Storage and Care

  • Your Levemir FlexTouch must be at room temperature.
  • After 42 days, dispose your Levemir FlexTouch even with insulin left in it.
  • Don’t store your Levemir FlexTouch with the needle still on.

Uses of Levemir FlexTouch Pen

The Levemir FlexTouch Pen is used in our Insulin Injections (Shots) Therapy, where our goal is to keep our patients’ blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible, in order to delay or prevent further complications.

Levemir FlexTouch Pen Restrictions

  • Your Levemir FlexTouch should not be shares with other people, even if you change the needle.
  • If you are using your Levemir FlexTouch do not store it on the re refrigerator.
  • Do not expose the Levemir FlexTouch to direct heat or sunlight.
image of a Levemir Flex touch Insulin


Insulin is a prescription drug.
It’s illegal to sell or ship Insulin to the United States without prescription.

Our Insulin Injection Therapy at Russald Medical uses insulin from renowned brand that are recognized in the USA by the FDA and by COFEPRIS in Mexico.