At Russald Clinic we take our patients safety as our number one priority. We have created different rigorous protocols to make sure our patients feel safe from the moment they contact us to the moment, they leave our clinic.

In addition, all staff members need to have several accreditations besides their medical education, as a requirement to me part of the Russald medical team. You can be sure, you are working with the best physicians and nurses when you decide to have your treatment with us.


The following questions are the most commonly asked by our patients about our treatments and clinic:

At Russald Clinic we have worked very hard to accomplish several accreditations and certificates to make ensure our patients feel safe and just like home, at our facilities.

Yes, all our doctors are certified in their respective fields and are called experts by many patients, for their years of experience. In addition, they are always looking for new courses to stay up to beat in the modern treatments and always offer the best treatments to our patients.

Yes, all the medical equipment is sterilized. We have strict protocols to keep all medical equipment clean and sterilized at every moment and to take every material, that is not needed to the correct trash container.

Yes, all our facilities are cleaned on daily basics. We have extremely high standards for hygiene to ensure we have the best medical facilities and we offer the best patient quality and safety.